Björn Keller

Björn Keller is one of Sweden's most established photographers. Since the early 80s he has been a forerunner in his strict style and unique sense of form. After having Stockholm as his base for many years he is today, living and working at Fårö in the Baltic Sea, known for its harsh nature. He is represented at Moderna Museet in Stockholm and Absolut ART collection and has since the late 1970s had a lot of exhibitions in galleries and Art Galleries such as the Museum of Modern Art in 1991, Gallery Camera Obscura 1981, Museum of Design in London 1994, Faulconer Gallery in the US 2005 and in Swedish Style Fair in Tokyo, Japan 2001.

In the recent years he has worked with large pigment prints in his caracteristic graphic black and white style at numerous exhibitions in Sweden.

Björn Keller is one of Link Image Archive´s most eager contributers with a consistent sumbission of new images to the archive through out the year. 

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