Humanoid #5

Boe Marion

Special edition
5 500 SEK
Incl. VAT

 Story from Norway; River Etna

By the river Etna in Eastern Norway, nearby the village Dokka on county-road 33, there are bowls made out of the bedrock, and next to them, the infamous petroglyphs of “Big Female Animals”. The petroglyphs are known for being some of few rock carvings/ drawings dated back 6000+ years and show the intestines of the
animals as a natural part of the body.

The bowls in the bedrock next to the paintings were likely used by the aborigines of Norway, to clean, trap and separate the meats after hunting and killing. The bowls themselves are naturally occurring in the bedrock, dug out by rocks rubbing on the surface of the bedrock over so many years. It’s hard to imagine how slow the process behind the shapes is. Mega sculptures in their own right created by nothing more than water moving boulders.

By using the shadows and body of a faceless human, a kind of humanoid, I present a surrealist human scale, complementing the natural sculptures in the bedrock. The work becoming sort of a petroglyph on its own, in the end hopefully paying respect to my forefathers and mothers ́ art in the rock next door.

Edition 50 of each
Signed Yes
Technique Archival pigment print
Frame No

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